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                              PROGRAMS FOR YOU TO CHOOSE

Addiction Brain Clearing Program
Adrenal Disturbance Assessment
Allergy Testing / Food / Seasonal

Alzheimer Disturbance Assessment
Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Program
Aphasia Assessment
Animal Program / Cats and Dogs
Ascension Frequencies
Assemblage Point Assessment
Aura Scan
Australian Bush Flower Essences Remedies
Autoimmunity Harmonization Session
Bliss of Union Activation Program
Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar / Pancreas
Body Repair Codes - Total Body Regeneration
Bone Miraculous Healing Frequency Program
Brain / Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement Program
Break a Habit
Breakthrough to Success Program
Broken Heart Healing Program
Cancer Prevention
Children Series
Chinese Medicine TCM / Herbs
Cholesterol Balancing Session
Courageous Transitions
Creativity and Miracles
Crystals and Gemstones
Dental Assessment / TMJ Assessment
Detox Program 10-week
Detoxification Frequencies Program
Diabetes Type 2 / Pancreatic Regeneration and Blood Sugar Harmonizing
Digestive Tonifier Program 
DNA Revitalization Program
EMF Assessment
Emotional Cleanse and Release Program
Emotional Reset / Emotions Code
Essential Oils / Young Living
Experience Joyful Feelings and Mood Elevation
Fat Meltaway and Weight Release Program / Adipose Tissue
Flower Essences and Meridian Point / Bach Flowers 
Getting Unstuck Series
Guide to Powerful Rife Frequencies 
Healing Hidden Infections
Healing Chronic Cases
Hearing Assessment
Heart and Circulation Optimization Program
Heart Health
Home Clearing
Heavy Metal Assessment
Hormones / THO Total Hormone
Immune System Kickstart for Optimal Function
Immune Resilience
Immune Tonic and Infections Harmonization Program
Infections / Healing Hidden Infections
Ketosis Activation Program
Kidney/Bladder Assessment / UTI
Liver/Gallbladder Assessment
Lyme Assessment
Past Life / Ancestral Pattern Clearing from Past
Reflux Disturbance Assessment
Rife / Wellness Rife Frequencies / Guide to Powerful Rife Frequencies
Root Cause
Mitochondrial Rejuvenation
Money Magnetizing Program
Muscular Revitalization Program
Nervous System Healing Modulate Immune System
New Beginnings
Nutrition / Products and Supplements
Organize, DeClutter and Lighten Up
Pain Stress Disturbance
Pancreatic Optimization
Peaceful Sleep Promotion Program
Peptides - Transformational Cutting Edge Nutrition
Reflux Disturbance Assessment
Ring of Fire - Powerful Chinese Point for Anti-Aging
Root Cause
Skin Regeneration & Youth Restoration Series 
Sleep Deeply Program
Solfeggio Frequencies
Spinal Energy Process
Stress Release and Deep Relaxation Program
Success System Program
Systems Inquiry
THO / Hormones
Thyroid Reboot and Metabolic Reset
TMJ Assessment
Toxins / Toxic Exposures
V Check
V Clear
V Shed Shield
Vessel Assessment
Vessels Clear Repair and Restore Oxygenation
Vision Assessment / Macular Degeneration / Cataracts
Wellness Rife Frequencies
Wellness Affirmations 
Young Living Oils on Point Testing Panels


Frequency imprinting into jewelry that you can wear: such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, crystals and gemstones. I can infuse frequencies, into water, supplements, oils and tinctures. For example I can infuse Solfeggio Frequencies, Nogier and Flower Essences and more that resonate with you.  I can also use the frequencies from your sessions and infuse those as well.


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