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So what does the Genius technology do? How does it work?  It runs a complete energy scan of your body in just a few seconds. It shows you where there may be problems and lets you correct them instantly by sending corrective positive feedback to your body and mind, thereby helping to restore harmony in your body’s energy fields and improving and

correcting your state of health and well-being.


                                         Meet Elfi

I started my Quantum Biofeedback journey in 2008 with the Scio Biofeedback system and got my Certification with the Natural Therapies Certification Board.  I attended Quantum University where I earned my Masters in Integrative Medicine and joined AADP as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

I enjoy using the Genius Biofeedback system, which is an App that can be downloaded on an I phone, Android or a tablet.  It is portable and can be used anytime and anywhere.
Remote sessions are very convenient and time-saving for the busy clients. 
An added plus is sending frequencies to the client via Quanta Capsule, an App that can be downloaded to their phone.  The practitioner sends frequencies weekly and these can be listened to anytime they choose at their convenience and each set lasts for 7 days.  They can choose from a long list of programs according to their individual needs.

Download the Genius completely free for 14 days and try it for yourself. 
No purchase or credit card required.  Click here:

In addition to being a Genius Practitioners, I am also a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist
using the Scio.
Click here for my SCIO website:  

Meet Elfi
What is Genius Biofeedback?

What is Genius Biofeedback?

Think of what it is like to feel the best you have ever felt. Now, recall what it was like when you felt sick or unwell. Notice how quickly you could switch your experience from one to the other. In truth, healing can happen this way. Quantum physics has revealed that the difference between these two experiences is simply a switch in the electrical flow through the body. Electrical flow is measured through frequency. By changing your frequency, it is possible to achieve many changes of mind, body and spirit. 

My work with the Genius Biofeedback system assists you with frequencies that encourage harmony and feelings of wellness. My clients have reported that they experience a new inner calm, better sleep, more energy and a sense of revitalization after each session.

New research reveals that the sound of your voice carries important encoded information. This information can be interpreted with the right technology. This biofeedback system essentially measures your frequency by a sophisticated method of listening to your voice. A frequency is mathematically calculated and then compared to the frequencies within the program. From there, personalized frequencies are selected for you based on the results. The frequencies are then played for you in order to create a positive response. Many people find that listening to the frequencies is soothing and relaxing and creates a positive change.




Be willing to receive. If you are getting the frequencies sent to you phone, play the frequencies one time in the morning for 15 minutes and one time in the evening for 15 minutes. Begin to observe how you are experiencing the frequencies and what is beginning to shift and change. 




The Genius Biofeedback System is a quantum biofeedback technology. It has the capability of analyzing the voice with its sophisticated voice engine. It then shows the practitioner a series of personalized frequencies that are likely to have the greatest impact for you at that time. The goal of playing the frequencies is to create an experience of balance and harmony. 


“Very weak energy fields at appropriate frequencies can be profoundly therapeutic. Biological effects are very frequency specific. Living tissues are constantly influenced by external frequencies and are able to entrain them.” - Energy Medicine, James Oschman


The Genius uses subtle frequencies that are entrained by the receiver of the frequency. As Dr. Oschman explains, these can have a profound influence.



Chinese Medicine is a traditional form of medicine that has been around for over 5000 years. In Chinese Medicine, the energy centers of the body are described as meridians. The goal of acupuncture needles is to create a change within those energy centers. In a similar way, quantum biofeedback frequencies are used in a similar way to evoke this change in the energy centers of the body.




After my Genius session, I slept through the night for the first time in 3 months. I have had additional weekly sessions to work on other issues. My mood has greatly improved and I have started to consume much less sugar, an important goal to me since I am trying to lose weight! I find these sessions incredibly valuable and convenient. All I need to do is relax and receive the frequencies!


I was skeptical, but I also could not find any other solutions.  My depression was deep and I was willing to try a couple of sessions.  I experienced some tingling in my fingertips, maybe I am finally relaxing!  I noticed that I have wanted to engage more in life and connect with others after 3 Genius sessions.  I enjoy getting personalized frequencies on my phone that I can run anytime.  I actually look forward to seeing which ones are coming next!


After I slipped on the ice,  I was in a lot of pain.  My wrist, right arm and elbow were very sore and swollen as well as my hip and knee.  I tried a remote Genius frequency session every day for one week.  The pain got better each time and the swelling and bruising went down as well.  Nothing seemed to be broken and I did not need additional medical treatment.  



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